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Brophy Trophy 2024
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The Liverpool & District Badminton league are proud to be supporting various cancer charities.  We will be running our next fund raiser on Saturday 27th April 2024.   

Brophy Trophy - Charity Event 2024

Date: Saturday 27th April 12:00 - 18:00

Location: Holly Lodge School, Sports Hall,   140 Mill Lane, Liverpool, L12 7LE

Closing date: Saturday 13th April 2024 @23:59pm

Events: Mixed doubles - Women's doubles- Men's doubles
Entry Fee £10 per event.  

This will be a handicapped tournament and is open to all players of all levels aged 16 years and above within and outside of the Liverpool Badminton League. At the start of each game, we will give 3 minutes for knock ups to ensure the event runs on time. 

Please bring lots of big coins and notes to purchase the many charity goods on sale and take part in the BIG raffle!   We will have a cake stall and various goods for sale. 

If you would like to donate anything for the raffle and charity sale, please contact the
organisers.   KCF - Jess, Laura, June or Julie.    Fords - Michelle, Rob or Ken. 

Proceeds made will be donated to cancer charities to support research, families and people with cancer.

We look forward to meeting you all on the day. 

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