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Tribute to Dorothy Mary Penn - President L&DBL from 2003

The committee is saddened to inform you that our long serving president passed away

on 4th October 2021


Dot served as President of the League from 2003 and as a Vice-President for many

years previously.


Many people/players may not realise that Dot was not a badminton player and only held a racket to pass it on to whoever needed it.  The Liverpool League played a big part in her life, as did the Everton Football Club and her love of cats.


She got into badminton as a result of her son Mike falling down the steps of the diving board at the swimming pool in his early teens and being unable to continue playing football.  A friend suggested he try badminton and in the late 1950s, he joined Juventus Junior Club at Central Hall, Liverpool, run at the time by Marjorie Morris (nee Griffiths) and Gerry Seymour, both of whom played in the Liverpool League.


Dot became involved in the running of the club when her daughter Janet started to play there and when Central Hall closed Dot organised the courts at the Liverpool YMCA.


Dot was a delightful person who would help in any way possible with events that the League organised, including serving refreshments at tournaments for players and spectators.  In more than one instance these went on past midnight at the Dunlop Factory in Speke.


Along with her late husband Ron, Dot was invited to all the Annual Presentation Dances which she accepted, sometimes presenting the trophies to the successful individual players, division winners and Liverpool League colours.  


Many of the juniors reached county standard and at least one (Gill Pringle) played for England but even more joined the Senior League, thus ensuring that all Liverpool areas were covered.  Dot would introduce herself to the management of the clubs (who did not know her already) in and around Liverpool League boundaries, in order to support them in the initial stages.  As a result, the juniors were distributed within distance of their homes or travel, until such time as they were confident to move on as desired.


Dot’s door was always open and when she retired, many of the players kept in touch with her and visited her often.  It is testimony to her that several generations of her former club members attended her funeral.  There is no doubt that she was a remarkable woman, one who will not be forgotten by all who knew her.


Rest in Peace Dot


Liverpool & District Badminton League


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