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Liverpool Badminton

Liverpool & District Badminton League

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Officers & Committee 2021 - 2022

Chairperson:  Mr R Sowden

Mobile 07702281104


Vice Chairperson: Mr. P. Whitehead

Tel: 0151 928 3006


Hon.Secretary: Mrs K Wolfenden

Tel: 07515 703962


Hon. Match Results / Registration Secretary:

All Divisions: Mr. P.Whitehead,

8 Brookside Avenue, Waterloo,

Liverpool, L22 3YD.

Tel: 0151 928 3006



Hon. Treasurer: Miss.C.Clucas,

Tel: 01704 879 467 (Home)  07792323378 (Mobile)


Handbook Secretary: Mr. P. Taylor

Tel: 0151 531 0818

Sangster Cup Secretary: Mr Allan Jones

Tel: 07804770192


Hon. Inter-League Secretary: Mr R Sowden

Mobile 07702281104


Mens League Secretary:  June Dunne

Mobile: 07552727676


Hon. Tournament Secretary:

Wavertree BC      2021-22


Hon. Stan Wahlers Cup Secretary

FORDS BC  2021-22

Hon. Junior League & Tournament Secretary:

Mr R Sowden

Mobile 07702281104


President:  Mrs J Dean


Vice Presidents:


Miss P Gerdes, K Connors,

P Taylor,  R Sowden, P Whitehead, Miss C Clucas, Mrs June Dunne

General Committee Members:  Mrs Julie Murray, Mrs Linda Evans, Mr K.Linforth,


Disciplinary Committee:   Chairman: Mr K.Connors (Vice President),  J. Dunne,    plus additional members as required.

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