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Liverpool Badminton

Liverpool & District Badminton League

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This event takes place after Christmas each year to kick-start the second half of the season.  It is open to all affiliated clubs in the Liverpool League and requires 2 ladies & 2 Gents per team.  These players must be from the same club.  


The event takes place on a Sunday staring at apx. 9.30am

Entry forms will be available for download from November each year or in the handbook.  The Club to organise this competition will be selected at the AGM.  


Closing Date:           5th Jan 2022


Competition Date:    Sunday 16th January 2022


Venue:                      The De La Salle Academy, Carr Lane East L11 4SG


Start Time:                9.30am


Maximum Teams:     10


Organisers 2022:      FORDS  Badminton Club

                                   Contact Rob with entries 


Previous Winners

              Winner                     R-Up


2021-22   KCF                         Fords

2019-20   Fords                       KCF

2018-19   Hilltop                      KCF 1

2017-18   South Liverpool       KCF 1

2016-17   South Liverpool 1    KCF 1

2015-16   KCF 1                      Fords

2014-15   Apollo                      KCF

Teams will be placed in either Group A or Group B.

All teams in the group will play each other.
One court will be used per match of (4 games) two ends to 21pts.
1 Ladies, 1 Mens , 1st Mixed & 2nd Mixed

The winner of Group A will play the Winner of Group B in a Final, on two courts.
There may be a cross over semi if time permits. 
Final should take place around 2.30 or 3.30pm
We have the courts booked until 5pm.

Stan Wahlers Team Event     Sunday 16th Jan 2022

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