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Annual Liverpool Restricted Adult Tournament 2022

Date:  5th & 6th  March 2022 

De La Salle Academy, Carr Lane  L11 4SQ  9-4pm


Men's singles

Winner  -  Daniel Wolfenden  (Hilltop)

Runner up  -  Aleksander Grigorov (Fords) 


Men's doubles

Winners  -  Tom McGlynn & Paul Maguire  (Fords)

Runners up   -   Chris Brown & Phil Brinksman  (Fords & Hilltop)


Ladies doubles

Winners  -   Lynsey Aston &  Pei Yee Leong  (Fords & KCF)

Runners up -   Caz Walker & Hayley Harrison   (Delco Occs)


Mixed doubles 

Winners  -   Michelle Murray & Steven Wilson (Fords)

Runners up  -  Lynsey Aston & Tom McGlynn (Fords)


Vets men's doubles

Winners  -  Gary Fang & Sachin Patil  (KCF)

Runners up  -  Jay Aung & Nad Wahid  (South Liverpool)


Vets mixed doubles  

Winners  -   Karen Wolfenden & Gary Fang    (Hilltop & KCF)

Runners up  -   Val Bray & Barry Lord (Apollo)


Vets ladies doubles

Winners -  Linda Evans & Val Bray (Apollo)

Runners up  -  Karen Wolfenden & Anette Softly (Hilltop)

Tournament Organisers  2022  Wavertree Badminton Club

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