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Liverpool Badminton MENS League

Division One

2015/ 16

Fixtures 2015 - 16

1 2 3 4
1 Fords 1 21/10/15 Walton L 8-10 18/11/15 Walton L8-10 9/12/15 Walton L7-11
2 Delco Occasionals 1 17/2/16 Walton L3-15 4/11/15 Walton L6-12 2/12/15 Walton L8-10
3 Kensington CF 1 6/4/16 Walton W18-0 25/11/15 Kensington W14-4 28/10/15 Walton L4-14
4 South Liverpool 1 11/11/15 Walton W17-1 13/1/16 Walton W16-2 20/1/16 Walton W14-4

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2015 - 16

Walton Sports Centre, Walton Hall Avenue, L4 9XP. 8pm Start

Rules & Regulations for the Mens League

Rules & Regs - Handbook page 31

1. Teams will consist of 6 men, who will play a total of 3 men’s levels per match. Each men’s pairing will play each of the opposing team’s pairs. Rules on scoring to be the same as conventional rules as dictated by the league match play rules.
(2 games to 21 with setting).

2. Teams must be registered by 1st October and Players must be registered at least 4 days prior to the first men’s league match, additional players will be accepted for registration as per mixed league rules.

3. To be eligible for the men’s league a player must not be named as part of any team which is entered into the Liverpool and District Badminton mixed league with the following exception:-

"A team may choose should any of their regular players be unavailable, to select two male players per match who are registered for a team in the lowest division within the mixed league. A registered player within the mixed league who meets this criteria can play no more than two fixtures per season for a men’s league team. This rule is not intended to be used on a regular basis and will be monitored throughout the course of a season by the secretary for the men’s league. Any abuse of this rule will be referred to the disciplinary committee"

4. Any registered player of the Liverpool and District Men’s badminton league, can play in the mixed league up to a maximum of five times in any given season. If a sixth match is played they will then become part of the lowest ranked team within the mixed league and as such will be ineligible to play for a men’s league team for the remainder of a season. Rule 3. will not apply for a player in this situation.

5. All matches will be played at Liverpool College on a Wednesday evening 8-10pm. Court fees will be split equally between opposing teams. Fees need to be paid within 14 days of being presented to a club treasurer by the men’s league secretary.

6. The shuttles will be provided for each match by the team who is listed as "home" on the match schedule. All teams will play an equal amount of home and away matches in any one season.

7. There is a registration fee per team entered as decided by the League Committee.

8. If more than one team is entered in the men’s league by any given club, the "Higher Team Eligibility" rule will be applied to the lower ranking team/s as per rules for match play in the mixed league.